Overview of a SLAM Board Member

SLAM's Mission Statement: To promote the arts and art education in the state in a manner that enriches and involves the community.

We strive to comprise a Board of involved individuals, from diverse backgrounds, with vision & commitment, who are willing to work cooperatively & effectively to contribute their talents & resources for the good of the organization. The SLAM Board is governed by bylaws established and approved by the Board. At anytime, through the guidance & vote of the Board, these bylaws can be amended and changed.

Please consider the following individual board member responsibilities when submitting your application:

• Attend meetings regularly and show commitment to all board activities

• Be well informed on issues and agenda items in advance of meetings

• Contribute skills, knowledge & experience when appropriate

• Listen carefully to fellow Board members

• Chair 1 or more ad-hoc committee

• Engage in Board activities, including fundraising

• Positively represent & promote SLAM within the community

• Avoid conflict of interest & always make decisions based on the best interest of SLAM

• Make an annual financial contribution to SLAM

Expected meeting and festival attendance:

• Attend scheduled monthly Board meetings. (Approx. once a month throughout the year) Attending not less than 80% of the meetings without missing 2 consecutively.

• Direct, co-ordinate & attend all ad-hoc committee meetings you Chair or help with. These are separate from monthly Board meetings.

• Attend & participate in the planning of and follow-through of festivals, and fundraising/promotional events.

• In the event you can not attend a scheduled Board meeting, you must contact one of the Directors to inform them of your absence and e-mail them any developments, committee or otherwise, prior to the meeting so that it may be shared with the Board.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.