SLAM is a non-profit with the mission of "promoting the arts and art education in the state in a manner that enriches and involves the community".  

The 2024 SLAM Summer Festival will be held August 3th & 4th, 2023 at Bogert Park in Bozeman, MT.  Hours of the event are 10am-7pm on Saturday, and 10am-5pm on Sunday.   The fee to participate is $275.  Participants must provide their own water and power (if necessary) at the event, and whisper quiet generators are strongly encouraged.    Participants must provide proof of liability insurance naming SLAM as additionally insured for the duration of the event.    

SLAM's mailing address is: PO Box 2008   Bozeman, MT 59771    

Participants must be current Montana residents to be eligible. 

Using the NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts as our Model, we are looking to ramp up our Youtube Channel & content across our social platforms. We want to create a channel that Bozeman, MT & the surrounding states can watch to find new incredible local talent. For this to happen, here is what we need from you.

* Record 2 songs using your smartphone in a location of your choosing.
* Songs must be 5 minutes or less each (total of 10 minutes of music/submission)
* Songs must be appropriate for all audiences.

SLAM reserves the right to refuse submissions that are deemed inappropriate, of poor quality, or otherwise fail to meet the standards of the SLAM brand.


What work are you showcasing?

What shows, events or exhibits do you have coming up?

What songs or collections are you recording?

Tell us, so we can tell US (The SLAM Community). We want to support you and spread the word about all the wonderful, incredible, awe-inspiring art being created in Montana. The SLAM Newsletter & Social Media Channels are perfect for highlighting your collective works. Together, united, we can reach new audiences and help each other feel more appreciated and supported as we continue to inspire Montana with our creative genius.

SLAM is a non-profit located in Bozeman, Montana. We are dedicated to supporting the arts in the state in a manner that enriches and involves the community.

The SLAM Scholarship fund is available to residents of the state of Montana interested in pursuing artistic endeavors. This could encompass a wide range of opportunities, including, but not limited to:

Camps, Lessons, Workshops, Higher Education, Residencies, and Community art projects.

Recipients will be selected by the SLAM board of directors.

Funds will be allocated at the discretion of SLAM and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Scholarships must be used within one calendar year of the application.

Upon review of an application, SLAM may decide to award a scholarship that would not meet the entire requested amount, but would help to fund a portion of the proposed project.

If awarded a SLAM scholarship, you agree to sign a release, allowing SLAM to utilize your name and project for promotional purposes. We request that you maintain communication throughout your project with SLAM to monitor the progress and effect of SLAM funding programs.

Overview of a SLAM Board Member

SLAM's Mission Statement: To promote the arts and art education in the state in a manner that enriches and involves the community.

We strive to comprise a Board of involved individuals, from diverse backgrounds, with vision & commitment, who are willing to work cooperatively & effectively to contribute their talents & resources for the good of the organization. The SLAM Board is governed by bylaws established and approved by the Board. At anytime, through the guidance & vote of the Board, these bylaws can be amended and changed.

Please consider the following individual board member responsibilities when submitting your application:

• Attend meetings regularly and show commitment to all board activities

• Be well informed on issues and agenda items in advance of meetings

• Contribute skills, knowledge & experience when appropriate

• Listen carefully to fellow Board members

• Chair 1 or more ad-hoc committee

• Engage in Board activities, including fundraising

• Positively represent & promote SLAM within the community

• Avoid conflict of interest & always make decisions based on the best interest of SLAM

• Make an annual financial contribution to SLAM

Expected meeting and festival attendance:

• Attend scheduled monthly Board meetings. (Approx. once a month throughout the year) Attending not less than 80% of the meetings without missing 2 consecutively.

• Direct, co-ordinate & attend all ad-hoc committee meetings you Chair or help with. These are separate from monthly Board meetings.

• Attend & participate in the planning of and follow-through of festivals, and fundraising/promotional events.

• In the event you can not attend a scheduled Board meeting, you must contact one of the Directors to inform them of your absence and e-mail them any developments, committee or otherwise, prior to the meeting so that it may be shared with the Board.