SLAM is a non-profit with the mission of "promoting the arts and art education in the state in a manner that enriches and involves the community".  

SLAM is a non-profit located in Bozeman, Montana. We are dedicated to supporting the arts in the state in a manner that enriches and involves the community.

The SLAM Scholarship fund is available to residents of the state of Montana interested in pursuing artistic endeavors. This could encompass a wide range of opportunities, including, but not limited to:

Camps, Lessons, Workshops, Higher Education, Residencies, and Community art projects.

Recipients will be selected by the SLAM board of directors.

Funds will be allocated at the discretion of SLAM and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Scholarships must be used within one calendar year of the application.

Upon review of an application, SLAM may decide to award a scholarship that would not meet the entire requested amount, but would help to fund a portion of the proposed project.

If awarded a SLAM scholarship, you agree to sign a release, allowing SLAM to utilize your name and project for promotional purposes. We request that you maintain communication throughout your project with SLAM to monitor the progress and effect of SLAM funding programs.

Overview of a SLAM Board Member

SLAM's Mission Statement: To promote the arts and art education in the state in a manner that enriches and involves the community.

We strive to comprise a Board of involved individuals, from diverse backgrounds, with vision & commitment, who are willing to work cooperatively & effectively to contribute their talents & resources for the good of the organization. The SLAM Board is governed by bylaws established and approved by the Board. At anytime, through the guidance & vote of the Board, these bylaws can be amended and changed.

Please consider the following individual board member responsibilities when submitting your application:

• Attend meetings regularly and show commitment to all board activities

• Be well informed on issues and agenda items in advance of meetings

• Contribute skills, knowledge & experience when appropriate

• Listen carefully to fellow Board members

• Chair 1 or more ad-hoc committee

• Engage in Board activities, including fundraising

• Positively represent & promote SLAM within the community

• Avoid conflict of interest & always make decisions based on the best interest of SLAM

• Make an annual financial contribution to SLAM

Expected meeting and festival attendance:

• Attend scheduled monthly Board meetings. (Approx. once a month throughout the year) Attending not less than 80% of the meetings without missing 2 consecutively.

• Direct, co-ordinate & attend all ad-hoc committee meetings you Chair or help with. These are separate from monthly Board meetings.

• Attend & participate in the planning of and follow-through of festivals, and fundraising/promotional events.

• In the event you can not attend a scheduled Board meeting, you must contact one of the Directors to inform them of your absence and e-mail them any developments, committee or otherwise, prior to the meeting so that it may be shared with the Board.

Please submit a sampling of your music for consideration to be included in the performance lineup of the 2020 SLAM Summer Festival.  The festival will be held in Bogert Park, in Bozeman, MT, August 8th & 9th, 2020.   Members of a band may perform in different groups, but the same band will not be invited to participate two consecutive years.   Bands must be from Montana to be considered for invitation.  Submitting an application does not guarantee participation in the event.  

SLAM is a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing local talent of Montana. This festival has become a much-anticipated local event, and we estimate attendance of the event in excess of 10,000 patrons.  The SLAM festival hosts 50 visual artists, 15 culinary artisans, family activities, and dozens of live stage performances over the weekend. Exhibiting spaces at our events are only open to residents of Montana.

The 2020 Summer SLAM Festival will be held at Bogert Park, Bozeman, Montana - August 8th &9th. Hours of the show are: 10am-7pm Saturday, and 10am-5pm Sunday.
Styrofoam containers (cups, plates, to-go boxes, etc.) are not allowed at this event.  Please use a more eco-friendly option for serving your offerings.

Non-refundable Application Fee: $20.

Booth Fee: $275 for 12' of linear space and is due upon acceptance of invitation to the festival.  If your food truck or trailer is longer than 12' (including the hitch), you will be considered a double booth, and will your booth fee will be $425. 

If you require electricity, it is available for an additional $75 for the weekend.
We will keep a wait list of interested parties in case of cancellation from invited food artists.

In the event you agree to participate in the SLAM Festival and need to cancel, please notify the director of the show as soon as possible to allow another artist to fill your spot.

If you choose to be a Food Artist at our Summer SLAM event you cannot also participate at the Sweet Pea Festival. We have a non-compete agreement with Sweet Pea that we will not duplicate each others' artists. (This does NOT pertain to the "Bite of Bozeman").

As a SLAM Culinary Artisan, you are responsible for providing anything and everything necessary for the display and sale of your product, including, but not limited to: your own shelter, tie downs, tables, and whisper quiet generators.  You must be ready for sales to start at 10am, and remain open until the close of the event each day.  You must be present for the complete duration of the festival.  In the event you sell out of your culinary offering, please notify the SLAM staff and prepare to leave your display set up until the end of the event.

Stakes and/or weights are mandatory for all tented booths. Tents may be staked into the ground. Water lines and sprinkler heads will be clearly marked on the grass. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF THESE MARKINGS AND DO NOT STAKE INTO MARKED LINES. This event happens rain or shine, and, as this is summer in Montana, the weather can be unpredictable. SLAM is not responsible for acts of nature resulting in damage to booths or food products.

Please obtain all permits required by the Gallatin County Health Dept. to sell food at a public event. If you have questions regarding your adherence to such standards please contact the GCHD @ 406-582-3120.

Upon selection, participants must have proof of insurance listing SLAM as additionally insured during the event.

Please have a copy of your food service license on site at the festival. Picnic tables will be provided by SLAM for patrons of the event.

Security is provided, but participants are strongly encouraged to remove all items of value from their booths at night. SLAM assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Upon selection, participants will be required to sign a contract adhering to the rules outlined in this form.